sand castle days 2003

Master Sculptors - 2004

run cursor over sculpture title to see image - photos courtesy of Dennis Barrett and are available for purchase here

"Solace" 1st Place - Carl Jara - Cleveland, OH

"The Beast Within" 2nd Place (Tie) - Meredith Corson - Treasure Island, FL

"Granny's Kids" 2nd Place (Tie) and Peoples Choice - Karen Fralich - Toronto, Ontario

"Leap of Faith" 4th Place - Dan Doubleday- Treasure Island, FL

"Made for Each Other" Marc Lepire - Quebec

"Someone On My Mind" Rusty Croft - Park City, UT

"Insecurities" Bert Adams -Vancouver, WA

(unknown) Mark Chapman - Portland, OR

"Baggage" sandy feet - South Padre Island, TX

"Right Winged Turret" Kirk Rademaker - Oakland, CA

"Beach Bungalow" Brett Stocker - Surrey, British Columbia

"The Bath" Fred Mallett - South Padre Island, TX

"My Buddha Likes Country Music" Elliot Kephart - Federal Way, WA

"Someone's Children" David Derault - North Vancouver, British Columbia

"That High Lonesome Sand" Bill Dow - Billings, MT

(Demo Sculpture) Suzanne & Amber Altamare - Daytona Beach, FL

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