Sand Castle Days 2000: Open Categories

photos by Dennis Barrett

Many visiting masters have commented on the superior quality of the open category entries in the SPI contest. This is largely due to the talented beach lovers that keep coming back year after year - and they just seem to keep getting better! Congratulations to everyone who won or placed, and many thanks to everyone who participated.

Special thanks and congrats to the San Marcus Suns - you guys are the greatest! - and the Terrel Family who sees to win something every year. We really appreciate your participation in our event and will look forward to seeing you all again next year.


TX State Champ

1. WAVO FEET- Big Wave & Dad feet
2. "PFFFT"- Mark Lambdin & Wilburn Davis- SMS
3. CANDYLAND CASTLES- Mark Landrum, Corpus Christi


1. "Four-by-the-Shore"- Terrel Family & friends-Austin
2. San Marcos Suns
3. "Frohock"family-Plano,TX

Youth Secondary

1. Sandy Dever - SMS
2. Zack Lewis- McAllen

Youth Elementary

1. Zac Acosta-SMS
2. Tyler Miska-SMS
3. Nicholas Dever-SMS

aziza1 aziza2 bigwavedon boo buffetcastle
aziza1.jpg aziza2.jpg bigwavedon.jpg boo.jpg buffetcastle.jpg
busykids castle3 castlecarver castletrees citymadness
busykids.jpg castle3.jpg castlecarver.jpg castletrees.jpg citymadness.jpg
colcatch coolkid dadfeets dannydever diver
colcatch.jpg coolkid.jpg dadfeets.jpg dannydever.jpg diver.jpg
dragoncastle dragondetail greendragon hooktailentry lmhs
dragoncastle.jpg dragondetail.jpg greendragon.jpg hooktailentry.jpg lmhs.jpg
marklandrum messykid morebusykids octosculptor pp
marklandrum.jpg messykid.jpg morebusykids.jpg octosculptor.jpg pp.jpg
pp2 pplighthouse ppocto pyramid rogermark
pp2.jpg pplighthouse.jpg ppocto.jpg pyramid.jpg rogermark.jpg
sandtime scalemaker sculptor sculptor2 sculptor3
sandtime.jpg scalemaker.jpg sculptor.jpg sculptor2.jpg sculptor3.jpg
sculptor4 smiley smsunssign suncarver texaschampwinner
sculptor4.jpg smiley.jpg smsunssign.jpg suncarver.jpg texaschampwinner...
texchamp treemaker tscentry
texchamp.jpg treemaker.jpg tscentry.jpg
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