Sand Castle Days 2000: master sculptor party pics

photos by Dennis Barrett & Kirk Rademaker
Oct. 21-23, 2000

The unofficial motto of serious sand sculptors everywhere is "PARTYcarvePARTY" (thanks to John Gowdy for putting it so succinctly). These photos were shot on a group trip to Matamoros, Mexico and at the Sunday afternoon sculptor party in sandy feet's backyard sand box.

amazin amazinoooh amazintricks calihat calilars2
amazin.jpg amazinoooh.jpg amazintricks.jpg calihat.jpg calilars2.jpg
feetstirrers flowers karen larsblanket larscali
feetstirrers.jpg flowers.jpg karen.jpg larsblanket.jpg larscali.jpg
larsfeet larslesson margaritaview1 margaritaview2 michelcarve
larsfeet.jpg larslesson.jpg margaritaview1.jpg margaritaview2.jpg michelcarve.jpg
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