Demo Sculpture - Sand Castle Days '01

Photos by Sons of the Beach
10/15-20, 2001

The Demo Sculptures is always a hit with the crowd, but it also serves to showcase the many sponsor who are essential to pulling an event like this off.

We appreciate the individuals and businesses that support this festival, and we hope that you will not only patronize them, but also thank them for their continuing support.

The list of people who worked on this sculpture is a long one indeed. If I missed someone, please let me know!

sandy feet Dad Feet Karen Fralich Dan Glover
Barry Swires Guy Beauregard Patricia Leguen Dave Walker
Rusty Croft Greg Grady Bert Adams Steve "Dunehead" Mutter
Amazin' Walter Dennis Barrett Cathi Ball Jason ?
bahia bbeards boomieside coldwellside dolphin
bahia.jpg bbeards.jpg boomieside.jpg coldwellside.jpg dolphin.jpg
fnb kidslight lotzalogos murphy2 nicelight
fnb.jpg kidslight.jpg lotzalogos.jpg murphy2.jpg nicelight.jpg
sbahn2 scdays01 shipshape spilogo steves2
sbahn2.jpg scdays01.jpg shipshape.jpg spilogo.jpg steves2.jpg
teambw2 toucangraphics xedsbahn
teambw2.jpg toucangraphics.jpg xedsbahn.jpg
sand castle central banner

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