Event Photos - Sand Castle Days '01

Photos by Sons of the Beach
10/18-20, 2001

It takes a community to create this much fun.Kudos to Laurie Gowdy, chairman of the SCDays Committee, for all of her hard work; Amazin' Walter - Director of Fun; Dennis Barrett - Head Sandslave; Gene Gaudi - #1 Sandslave; Steve "Dunehead" Mutter - another sandslave; Christy McDonald - another sandslave; Capt. Karen Rogers - Financial Wiz; Mary K Pollard - our woman in the SPICVB; Nancy and the bartending crew at Boomies; Dolores Ferrentino of the Massage and Healing Arts Center - who raised nearly $1000 for the Laguna Madre Humane Society; Geoff Clifton - DJ extraordinaire; Rick Benbow & Ginny "Mom Feets" Wierenga (aka the crack SoB Sales Team); and the volunteers who signed everyone up and made sure they got T-shirts, too.

awlaurbanner breakfast djgeoff dolores feetdance
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feetfam fromov logolady sobsalesteam suns
feetfam.jpg fromov.jpg logolady.jpg sobsalesteam.jpg suns.jpg
surf teeladies walterawards
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