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Masters Division

1st - Joe Maize, Honolulu, "Sea of Fortune"

2nd - Rich Varano, Orlando FL, "Sandcastle"

3rd - Patricia Leguen, Canada, "Polar Bears"

Peoples Choice

Rich Varano

Texas State Championship

1st - Beach Buddies (Jay Stevens and Jeff George) "Does a Bear Sit in the Woods?"

2nd/3rd (tie)

- Danny Dever and Mark Lambdin (San Marcos Suns) "Cheeseburger in Paradise"

- Ky & Becky Terrell - Castle

Adult/Family Teams

1st - Barry Brittain (San Marcos Suns) "Margaritaville"

2nd - Wilbon Davis (San Marcos Suns) "Old and In the Way"

3rd - Patrick McKeevin (San Marcos Suns) "A Pirate Looks at 40"


1st - Perry Rupp " Herbie the Love Bug"

2nd - Josh Bradford "The Lighthouse"

3rd - Jerry Boehm "Tu Far North"


1st - Chris Terrell - "Aquadillo"

2nd - Charly Clifton - "The Fantastic Five"

3rd - Jessica Brittain


1st - Abby Brittain

2nd - Allison Jessup

3rd - Tyler Miska

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